Which security camera brand is best?

Today, we'll look at the elite brands that make the best security cameras on the market. We based our recommendations on our first-hand ones. Many of these higher-resolution cameras also have advanced video codecs, which offer dynamic frame rate or bit rate settings, or other features that help reduce overall bandwidth. Part of this is the result of standards such as H, 265 coding.

However, some manufacturers are producing their own special codec enhancements to further reduce overall bandwidth. All of this means that a 6 MP camera doesn't necessarily use three times the bandwidth of a 2 MP camera, and a 4K camera from one brand could produce quality image transmission with a lower overall performance than a 5 MP camera from another brand. The included materials (ratings and infographics) are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Public License. Read our review of Arlo Pro 3 with Floodlight.

Below, you'll find the best home security camera for your home in every major subcategory, from smart doorbells to models that work well with voice commands from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. This is one of the most affordable battery-powered outdoor home security cameras on the market right now, and it's also one of the most compact. Look for a camera that supports updated wireless security protocols, such as WPA2, and make sure that it encrypts the Internet transmission of your username, password and live transmissions. Founded in 1984, Axis is a Swedish security brand that manufactures sophisticated security cameras, recorders and related products.

Many of the best home security cameras on the market require an ongoing cost in the form of a subscription to a cloud storage service, where video clips can be stored and reviewed later. Depending on where you work or live, security cameras can look very similar to each other in each environment or very different. This Wyze security camera also has an integrated microSD card slot if you want to store local video instead of relying solely on its cloud service (you have to buy the microSD card separately). But if thinking about your home camera watching your every move is too difficult to bear, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera will match you.

Technically, most home security cameras support infrared LED lighting, compared to real night vision based on image intensification. In addition, some home security cameras have built-in alarms that are activated manually from the application or automatically when detected movement to help deter intruders. In this way, these cameras take up the same space as the best video doorbells, since they send an alert to your phone, as well as to your smart speaker or smart screen when motion is detected in a certain area, but they focus more on security features. Most home security cameras perform the same basic functions: they detect an event, record it, and send you an alert, but not all of them perform the same way.

I took the time and went through a lot to find the best wireless security camera options on the market.